3Centex builds and provides the technological webbing machines useful to businesses in the field of upholstered furniture. The machines can be taken either for sale or loan.

The introduction of the elastic belt to replace the springs has made easier the production to the firms but this solved only a part, the difficulties to the applications to the frames that disappeared definitely with the coming of the belting machine.

3CENTEX reached its own knowledge and experience grown thanks to the cooperation with the best manufacturers worldwide; it was able to create machines that made the frame applications easy, accurate and speed.

  • EASY, because for its use is not exact the necessity of particular and specific knowledge, but it can use for all person.
  • ACCURATE, It permits to belt all the belts homogenously with the same pulling.
  • SPEED, because it allows to produce a great number of seats in the same time as regards before, leading to a considerable saving of time in the production.

These machines was designed to make the application of the webbing more simple and easy.

Designed on the base of the requirements of the upholstery firm, there are two models for the different necessity, to allow more benefit for the person that use this machine with more practicalness, speed and economy

all this gives to the company using them, a better result in the end and a considerable save expense.

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Built with the new technology is the solution for the best industries.


Combine simplicity with the best result.