Built with the new technology is the solution for the best industries.

The experience to be due inside of stuffed sector, has allow to 3CENTEX to build a new machine allowing to put elastic ribbons to sofas and armchairs’ frame.

It’s revolutionary machine in its sector, since it has technical and material different characteristics from other existing machines in the market and therefore it’s unique.

SPEEDY is an evolution of MAC3-PLUS, that has obtained success in the last two year; an equipe of engineers and technicians through deepen and aim studies, and the more evoluted informatic technologies, have pursued and worked on the project of old machine for more than a year turned out finally today to bring modification and technical improvements allowing to SPEEDY to be the perfect solution for every type of problem of the firm that use elastic ribbons.

MODEL Long Large Height Weight N° of rolls Webbing type Optional
SPEEDY 250 cm 150 cm 90 cm 300 kg 14/18 All type of belts PULL-SIDE

Possibility to change characteristic on require.


3CENTEX grants loan to use its machines for cinghiare companies that have need.


SPEEDY gives notable advantages to its utilezers, which we can synthetically recommend you, as follows:

    in fact it allows to pull all the 15 elastic straps UNIFORMLY, that is to reduce to nothing the unbalance among ribbons without having a strap puller than an other, as instead with a fixing by hand.
    we can therefore make just once the strap of a 3 seater’s frame.
    we produce a great number of frames thanks to the major rapidity of application respect to the application by hand or with other machines and wíth the possibility to effect the strap of a 3 seater’s frame with ONLY AN OPERATION and NOT WITH TWO, as the other machines. This is a PRICES’ SAVING.
    the employee mustn’t strap by hand using his fource (that is never the same in the day!), but he will strap conveniently pushing only a button, so he can do his work more speedly and so he will be happy to working and he will give the maximum efficiency. This is a PRICES’ SAVINGS.
    with SPEEDY we can put for the traction every type of strap, from the more hard types with the 10% of extension to the more soft types with extensions till the 100%.
    in the case should be necessary working only with some straps and not with the 15, with SPEEDY the not used ribbons have been stopped and ready on the same line with the other ribbons, it is not necessary therefore to remove the rolls that we do not use and the machine that with every pulling will give automatically the straps not used, creating a ry big problem because if the ribbons is not utilized, it will be continue to come out from the machine, without be necessary and useful.

The TWO principal characteristics that is differentiated from previous model are the possibility to can make at the same time 15 elastic ribbons for enable only in a coup to strap a 3 seater’s frame and the possibility to use every type of strap from the more hard type, difficult to pull, till the more soft types.

The machine, besides can effect particular working which need a smaller number of ribbons; independently of the position, the machine will operate only on the necessary ribbons, excluding those that are not use without the help of the employee.

This machine has two push-button panels, placed on its two sides, so it allows to working on the right and the left side, with three push-button:

  • THE FIRST BUTTON starts up with the traction’s phase, in which the ribbons are pulled,
  • THE SECOND BUTTON allows the release of the ribbons,
  • THE THIED BUTTON (red colour) is for the security and allows in every moment to stop immediately the machine in operation.

The machine has a small computer that enables various functions, the most important is that of the memorisation until 30 different sizes of the load of ribbons’ draught, allowing to the utilizer to change type of working on the base of its needs with only a button. The rolls’ charge is very easy in the backside of the machine, where every roll has an own independent compartment.

The machine hasn’t need particular maintenances and the pieces of change are easily findable on the market or with a request to 3CENTEX. The machine answers to all the safety rules required from C.E.E.