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The elastic belt of 3CENTEX features for the covering method of the rubber that permits it to differ from the other manufacturers and that permits to increase the resistance level and length of time for the belt.

The rubber is covered by a system completely different from the traditional one, where the rubber was wrapped by the polypropylene thread.

With the 3Centex method THE COVER CROCHET, the thread is hooked to the rubber making that the rubber doesn’t slip in the inside of the thread. This permits to reach the excellence of the production process and also permits the belt to last longer without loosing its elasticity in the use. The belt also is produced by the loom with the most advanced technologies and with specific alterations and is patented. Supplied by our company that permits an excellent quality of production.

Our Company use the special system S.G.S.C.R. (Special Geometrical System Covered Rubber) obtained with the most modern technological innovations.

To every loom was applied a computer that can make an electronic control to the raw material for any damage and for the finishing product.
Permitting the excellence of the machines and allowing our staff to give good attention to the belts quality.

There are many ways for placing the ribbons on the stead on the base of its dimensions and use. The ribbons are applied to the steads for the back side and the sitting, utilizing a different type extension that is major than the sitting, since the second must support a charge of major weight than the first.

The elastic belts have ten years warranty. There are therefore many types with various percentages of extension fit to every application and need.

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