Over 30 years of experience in the production of elastic webbing

3CENTEX was born in 1976 and it is increased and developed in the stuffing’s field, producing elastic ribbons for the springing of sofas and armchairs.

Founded by two brothers, Cesana Vittoriano and Angelo, during the years it has matured a great experience that has allowed to this firm to assert to world level as one of the best and the major elastic ribbons producers.

The firm is situated on an area of 4.000 mq, in the industrial area in Carate Brianza, in the heart of Brianza and it is midway between Como Lake and Milan, from which it is about 20 km long.

From the establishment every week trucks and containers leave for delivering the goods in the different destinations in the World.

In the first years of its birth, 3CENTEX has been developed on the Italian market and in the particular on the local market, with a policy based on the production of a ribbon of high quality. This policy characterizes and differentiates still this company on the market.

After the first years of activity, the firm increases own production; the new productive machines together with the major experience and the know how of the product, allow the expansion on the market.

1979. In 1979 the penetration in Australia, Germany and England, marks the outside expansion of 3CENTEX and the affirmation of an international policy that takes into account of the various local needs of the sector’s operators.

1981. For answering to the requirements of an exigent market that demands ribbons with the best quality, in 1981 have been introduced new articles in the range of the products. The coloring of the belts changes, becoming green and the articles increase with the best characteristics for the growth of market’s quality.

1988. During 1988 the project of the new establishment develops and it terminates in June 1990.

Last years of Twentieth Century are determined by a strong development of Italian market, principally in the South of territory with the entry in new big firms in Puglia.

Today 3CENTEX is on the territory on national level, but principally on international level collaborating with all the countries of the world and the best partners of every nation, from Russia and Australia, till Philippines, Canada and America. On the market it is known with the name TEXWEB, a personal registered mark nearby the international offices that individualizes our elastic ribbons in the world.