EXTRA-LARGE is the line for elastic ribbons, sofa and armchair produced by 3CENTEX that has a height greater than the other belts, equal to 120mm. This allows to use a smaller number of tapes, thus ensuring a consequent saving of costs. The rubber used for the realization of the tapes is selected from the best experts 3CENTEX and ensures an excellent quality / price ratio.


Stretch Max 50%

It is a belt of new conception that was made from a connection between modern technology, field studies and manufacturers’ needs. The continuing research and the development of products, lead to this new elastic belt that for its features permits to reduce its expanse density, having a high quality that makes a high save in expenses. Also because of its wideness in the inside of the stuffing it allows to have less number of belts leading to a save in expenses and in the same time it makes a bigger surface for resting that permits a better level of evenness in all the sittings. It is available exclusively in a height of 120 mm.